The "Original American Gourmet Cup of Coffee"

What Makes Colombian Coffee and Arabica Beans the Most Prestigious in the Coffee World?

Colombian coffee is made using 100% arabica beans and places the strong emphasis on quality.

Tremendous care is required when harvesting cherries, picking them at the right time, so the best flavor comes from that coffee. What makes Colombian coffee more expensive is that it’s still hand-picked; part of the success is picking the right bean at the right color. This requires a lot of expertise. 

Where do our hand-picked beans come from? Colombian farms 1550-1900 meters above seal level. 

Colombian Coffee Snapshot

  • Total Coffee Farming Area: 940,000 hectares
  • Elevation: 15,000 – 19,000 feet
  • Temperature: 46 - 75 °F
  • Soil: Volcanic, Fertile
  • Cultivar: Arabica
  • Processing: Wet
  • Tasting notes: Chocolate, nut, fruity

Our Roasting Process


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